Why you should read with your child

The majority of children in South Africa have never had a parent read a book to them.

50% of children in South African have never read a book with parents, this was revealed in data released by Statistics South Africa in 2019. This is concerning, especially for the younger generation, as they won’t gain critical thinking skills. 

While it will take time to address the reading crisis in South Africa, reading with your child is one of the few ways you can foster a reading culture at home.

A study conducted by paediatrics at New York University School of Medicine that looked at the impact of social and emotional development at school entry found that reading aloud to children has great benefits. 

During their study, the researchers noticed an improvement in children’s behaviour and improved their attention span, The New York Times reports. 

Reading with your child also strengthens the bond between a child and a parent, as you get to spend quality time together, while also helping to develop your child’s reading skills.  

According to research children across the world have delays in language. Reading with your kids is helpful in developing language skills. 

Tips on reading with your child

  • Ask your child to pick the books, so that you are reading books that they like 
  • Schedule time for reading
  • Make reading fun for your child 
  • Choose different books to create excitement
  • Go to your local library and ask your child to choose books they like

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