Why should my child go to an aftercare programme?

An aftercare programme offers great benefits for children such as gaining skills to socialise with their peers and learning valuable skills such as problem solving through play. 

At SPARK Schools we are committed to helping our scholars develop holistically. We ensure that learning takes place in different forms and is not limited to the classroom environment.

Outside of the classroom environment we offer an affordable aftercare programme. Aftercare is available from the end of the school day until 5:30pm. 

The aftercare programme is designed to help our scholars develop. 

During aftercare, our scholars get to socialise and engage with other scholars. Socialising with other children is important for a child’s  emotional and social development. 

When children socialise with others they learn empathy and problem solving.

Our scholars also get to engage in fun activities such as art crafts , creating art effects from recycled materials and cultural activities.  They also participate in sporting activities. 

“Our aftercare is thoroughly supervised and gives all scholars a chance to shine, as they do activities they enjoy. Parents can be at ease knowing that the scholars are safe and taken care between dismissal and pick-up time,” says  SPARK Centurion School Operations Manager, Mbulelo Soko. 

If you would like to sign-up for our affordable aftercare, please chat with the office manager at your child’s school.

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