Why collaborative learning is vital for success

The way schools teach today is not the same as they did a decade ago. While not every school has adopted a new approach to teaching, schools have to reconsider how they teach in the ever-changing world.  While a more traditional teaching method still has a place in education, adjustments have to be made to ensure learners are getting all the skills they need to thrive in the new world. 

Where learners in the past only had to focus on academics, today, skills such as collaboration are vital for successful work life in the future.   

Collaborative learning encourages learners to work together. It also helps pupils to develop critical thinking skills as they share ideas with their peers.

Sharing ideas in a group setting can also boost confidence, as learners speak up and voice their opinions in an environment where they are comfortable sharing their ideas. 

Collaborative learning equips learners with skills such as teamwork, which will impact them when they join the job sector in later years.  

High School Curriculum and Assessment Lead at SPARK Schools Kathryn Garden says collaborative learning is essential. It offers students an opportunity to learn from each other and grow an active-centred classroom. 

“Without collaborative learning opportunities, students have no means of forming new ideas and thoughts that their peers can test,” says Garden. She adds that classrooms without collaborative learning are not active, thriving, exciting places for learners. 

Throughout the school day, teachers can find meaningful ways to get their learners to collaborate in the classroom. 

Learners can collaborate in different ways, including expert groups, think-pair-share, study buddy, verbal tennis, peer & group writing, role play, and Just a Minute. 

“Collaborative learning is a key transferable skill that is essential to success in the workplace – all employers want a team player,” says Garden. Therefore teaching this school at a school level is very beneficial to students and even for teachers as they create a fun learning environment for their learners. 

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