What to do on the first day of school


While most children get excited about starting big school, children can also feel overwhelmed about a new and unfamiliar environment.

Sending a child to a new environment, where they don’t know anyone is stressful.

The first day of school is emotional for both the child and parents.

Here are some tips to help ease your child into first grade.

SPARK Randpark Ridge Principal Taneeta Lala says that it’s important for parents to mentally prepare their children and have positive conversations with their child about what to expect at school. She adds that when you arrive at the school chat with the teachers, as this will reassure your child that you are leaving them in good hands.
Take your child to see the school before the first day 

Meeting new people is nerve-wracking for anyone, this can be made even worse by an unfamiliar environment. According to an article by Education corner, taking your child to see their new school before their first day of school is vital, as it helps to calm their nerves prior to starting school. This also allows them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with their school. During the school visit, you can show them where the bathrooms are situated, play area and lunch area.

Do not linger at the school for too long 
On the first day of school, drop them at the school and leave them. We understand that you want to comfort your little one, especially if they are crying and scared because it’s their first day, but you have to teach them independence from the first day, as the schools won’t allow you to walk them into the school every day.
If you can, take them to school on their first day even if they will take scholar transport 
Taking your child to school on the first day will help to settle their nerves. If you can, try and take them to school on the first day, even if they will be using scholar transport.

PACK them a nutritious lunch 
Ensure that you pack a healthy and nutritious lunch for your child, as they will start learning from the first day of school.



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