What our scholars have to say this youth day

15 Jun 2021

On June 16, South  Africa celebrates youth day. Youth day commemorates the 1976 Soweto uprising, where students stood up against injustices within the education system.

45-years later, since the Soweto uprising, young people in South Africa continue to face many challenges. As we celebrate youth day, we had a chat with our high school scholars about what youth day means to them and how young people can make a difference. 

          Nadia Jackson, Grade 9, SPARK Randburg High

Question:  What do you think young people can do to make a positive change? 

Nadia: Young people should use every opportunity they get and work hard to create more opportunities for others. They must use social media and other platforms to influence others and make positive changes. We have the freedom to express ourselves, and we have an education that helps us understand one another.

Question:  Do you feel that there are enough opportunities for young people? 

Nadia: Yes, young people should use all the opportunities they have now and create more by becoming entrepreneurs, creating more jobs and other resources. They have many more options and platforms to educate themselves, like the internet, which they can use to get the information they need to succeed.

Question: What role do you think young people can play in making South Africa a better place?

Nadia: They should become entrepreneurs, which allows them to have their own business. We should strive to do better, know better, educate ourselves about different cultures, and embrace one another for a better society. We should work together and put all our skills together to uplift our communities and country. We should practice kindness and lift each other. 


Smangaliso Thanjekwayo Grade 8, SPARK Randburg High School 

Question: What do you think young people can do to create a positive change? 

Smangaliso: As young people, we have the opportunity to look at the world and its issues with fresh eyes, therefore contributing our ideas and energy to address the social problems. We are the future leaders and should take any opportunity to better our lives and those around us, even if it starts with educating one another.


Question: Do you feel that there are enough opportunities for young people? If not, what do you think should happen to change that? 


Smangaliso: No, the current unemployment rate in South Africa is horrifying. However, we can learn skills that can equip us to provide for our basic needs and continuous growth in changing our habits.

Questions:  What role do you think young people should play to create a better society? 

Smangaliso: Always be open to learning about new things, stay informed and constantly ask questions. Listen with understanding different views, contributing to collaborative efforts with other young people who have unique ideas.