The SPARK Schools Vision Launch


At SPARK Schools, our vision is, “South Africa leads global education”.

We are ready to take on the world and add value to it. Our goal has always been to make education reach its full potential.

Through innovative ways of working, the sharing of knowledge and the power of a resilient, gritty and committed group of citizens, SPARK Schools wants to make South Africa a leader, not a follower in education. With this in mind, let’s look to the future with hope.

All employees at SPARK have pledged to be a change agent in their own roles to assist with our vision.

Their vision discs have been added to our marvelous and extraordinary Vision Wall so that we have a constant reminder of what we aim to achieve personally as well as a team.

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Some examples of how SPARK employees have pledged to help South Africa lead global education:


Name Position Pledge
Nomfundo SPARK Business Development Expert Support I pledge to help reach South African communities & create
awareness of our unique SPARK model!”
Oliver Blended Learning Lead in Academic Support
Melinda Recruitment Team Leader Support I pledge to being an A+ performer, hiring only A+ performers!
Skye Anderson SPARK Mayville I pledge to ensure that learners are always fully
Cara SPARK Silver Lakes I pledge to equip learners with academic and life skills in order
to become leading global citizens.


As part of the launch of our exciting vision, we created a couple of videos where we interview our staff (and even one of our parents) and they share their experiences and thoughts -looking back at the past and forward to our amazing future.

Watch the videos here and please comment in the box below to share with us YOUR pledge to help South Africa Lead Global Education.

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