The benefits of personalised learning for students

When it comes to teaching, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. What might work for one learner might not work for the other. 

To cater to each child’s needs, SPARK Schools uses personalised learning to ensure that no child is left behind. 

Why is personalised learning important?

Personalised learning allows teachers to collect data, which enables them to track each scholar’s academic progress. This helps the educator to get a full view of each scholar’s weaknesses and strengths, which helps them to tailor their teaching approach for each scholar’s needs.  

Head of the Learning Model at SPARK Schools Dhereshni Moodley says personalised learning at SPARK Schools is a three-pronged approach. There is a personal interaction with teachers who build relationships with scholars to support their development. 

“SPARK scholars social and emotional development is as important as their academic growth. The focus on tools and values to support social-emotional development are the foundations to learning,” says Moodley. 

The second part is data-driven instruction and targeted intervention. 

“SPARK teachers collect data all day, every day and use this data to inform their teaching. Teachers don’t just use the end of term test results to help scholars,” she says. 

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