The benefits of attending a school open day

Whether you are a prospective parent or have already enrolled your child, attending a  school open day is an excellent opportunity to learn more about the school. During an open day, parents and learners get insights about school culture, the school curriculum, the learning model and how students engage with each other during the daily interactions.

The other benefit of attending a school open day is getting to know the school leadership team. If you plan to enrol your child at the school, meeting the leadership team is great to establish a relationship.

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Once you arrive at the open day, raise all the questions that you have. Most parents want to know more about academics and while there is nothing wrong with that, make sure that you gain knowledge about non-academic activities. 

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So instead of only asking about the subjects, you can ask how the school differs from other schools. Do they teach in a different way than the school your child currently attends? What kind of programmes or initiatives does the school have to help your child adjust to the new school.

Learning more about the school means asking about everything, including school policies, lunch policy, uniforms, stationery etc. 

If your child is going to high school, how does that high school prepare them for university? If you are attending a primary school open day, it might be worth asking about social & emotional learning as this is quite important for younger children. 

Trust us; you don’t want to leave with lingering questions at the end of the open day. Remember that the school has an open day to provide you with all the information that you need. 

To attend or learn more about SPARK Schools upcoming open days, please click here. 


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