The benefits of an integrated curriculum

Since opening our first school in 2013, SPARK Schools has grown in leaps and bounds.
Earlier this year we opened our first high school, SPARK Randburg High School, which is located in the heart of Randburg-Ferndale.

Integrated Curriculum

As part of our promise to develop a future-fit generation, SPARK High School also offers coding, virtual learning and a unique course called Character Quotient.
Character Quotient (CQ) is a bespoke SPARK programme which develops aspects of the SPARK high-value promise including experiential development of adaptability, learning proficiency and emotional intelligence to prepare scholars for future relevance and global leadership.

What makes SPARK High School unique?

Like our other SPARK Schools in our network, our high school provides scholars with the opportunity to be able to gain skills, they can use for the future.
Our blended learning model is a combination of online, inquiry and action driven research.  
Face-to-face instruction is used to develop skills, while online learning gives scholars access to relevant disciplinary content.
Furthermore, learning is inquiry-based and driven by BIG HOOK problem questions to complement the Integrated CAPS Plus South African National Curriculum Subjects.
Subjects are combined and aligned specifically for SPARK Schools.

Subjects offered

SPARK High scholars cover CAPS Plus content in integrated disciplines, which allows us to offer eight subjects. Those who attend SPARK High can look forward to formal assessments in the following subjects.

Senior Phase Subjects

  • English Home Language
  • History
  • IsiZulu First Additional Language
  • Art and Drama
  • Mathematics
  • Business Studies
  • Physical Sciences
  • Life Sciences
  • Life Orientation

FET subjects

  • English Home language
  • isiZulu First Additional language
  • Mathematics
  • Life Orientation
  • Physical Science
  • Life Science
  • Business Studies
  • History

SPARK Randburg High is now open for visitors. Contact us for more information or to request a consultation with one of our faculty members.
Address: 389 Pine Avenue, Ferndale 2194
Tel: 010 593 4752

Be sure to have a look at our website for information regarding upcoming Open Days.

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