The benefits of an aftercare school programme at SPARK Schools

SPARK Schools affordable, safe, and engaging aftercare school programme, is back .

Following months of aftercare being unavailable to parents, we are so excited to have our aftercare scholars back.

This is to help all the parents who are going back to work in the office.

SPARK Schools aftercare school programme offers a safe, engaging, and happy environment for children.

At the aftercare school programme, scholars participate in various activities. These include: 

  • Physical Activities: Yoga, dance, follow my leader, stretching, hopscotch, rhythm creation, various Physical Education activities
  • Academic / Art Activities: Spelling Bee, story creation, picture art, connect the dots, colour by numbers, Math quizzes and riddles, 
  • General: Rock, paper scissors, peer interviews, talent show, free dance, rhyme creation, reading, true or false quizzes. 

At SPARK Schools, learning happens in the classroom and outside the classroom.

Opportunity to learn new skills

Aftercare gives scholars a chance to learn new skills such as socialising and problem-solving.

The aftercare activities are designed to help scholars learn through play.

SPARK Schools Regional Manager Deon Vermaak says the SPARK Schools aftercare programme is a safe, fun, and engaging environment for scholars. 

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“They participate in a range of fun activities under the caring supervision of our Supervisors,” he says. 

The number of scholars at aftercare will be limited to meet the COVID-19 regulations.

When scholars attend aftercare, they will be screened. They will also maintain social distancing and wear masks at all times. 

Parents must pack an extra healthy snack for their scholars if they will be attending aftercare.

You can sign up for aftercare in five easy steps. 

  1. Complete and sign the new contract
  2. Email the completed contract to your School Operations Manager or hand the completed contract to a staff member during arrivals or dismissals.
  3. Your School Operations Manager will confirm via email that your contract has been received and will advise on space availability.
  4. Once your School Operations Manager has confirmed space, your scholar can attend aftercare.
  5. Any scholar who is attending school/aftercare in person must have an indemnity form on record.

To learn more about SPARK Schools education model, click here.

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