SPARK Schools is a network of private schools offering affordable, globally competitive education.

SPARK Schools was co-founded by  Stacey Brewer and Ryan Harrison in 2012.  Concerned by the state of South African education they committed to finding a solution. They believed that an innovative approach could disrupt the crisis in South African education and dedicated themselves to creating a new model that would provide access to high-quality education at an affordable cost.

SPARK Ferndale, the first school in the SPARK Schools network, opened in 2013 in Gauteng, Johannesburg. Since then, the network has expanded to serve 13,500 SPARK scholars at 17 schools in Gauteng and one school in the Western Cape. We are committed to opening new schools across the country every year because we believe that South African parents and children deserve access to an excellent education.

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At SPARK Schools, learning is personalised to serve the needs of each individual student. Using traditional teaching and technology, we ensure that all SPARK scholars achieve.


SPARK Schools educators are qualified professionals who receive 245 hours per year of professional development and coaching annually.

& Beyond

At SPARK Schools, the path to university and a successful career begins now! In addition to preparing students academically, we focus on social-emotional development to equip our students for their bright futures.

Our Vision & Mission

The company vision is for South Africa to lead global education. This vision is not limited to SPARK Schools but aims to ensure that the standard of education in South African is elevated so that it becomes an inspiration to the rest of the world.

The SPARK Schools mission is to provide affordable, globally competitive education to South African families who may previously
have been unable to access this quality of education. This mission is evidenced by the goal that every SPARK scholar should have the opportunity to go to university and to enter a career of their choice.

This idea passionately drives all we do. At a school level, we aim to spark greatness within each child. We believe that shaping our children to be well-rounded and responsible, global citizens, will ultimately spark change and drive our nation forward.