Mid-year School Switching Myths and Realities

17 May 2019

Transferring your child to a new school mid-year or mid-term can seem like quite a daunting task! Sometimes, however, a change in job, relocation, or simply a personal preference leaves you with no choice but to enrol your child in a new school.  
As a parent, you may wonder: how will my child cope at a new school?  Will they easily make new friends? Will their academic performance be affected?  SPARK Schools, a network of private schools, understands that parents may need to enrol their child in a new school mid-year or mid-term, and they make it easy for parents and scholars to feel comfortable doing so.

Personalising Learning

One way that SPARK Schools makes the mid-year transition easier is through their personalised learning model. As a new SPARK scholar enters the school, her teachers ensure they understand her starting point in each subject and differentiate instruction to close any academic gaps.  Through small group teaching and our innovative use of technology, SPARK educators ensure that each scholar receives individual attention to learn at the pace that fits them best.

Social-Emotional Development

Socialising and making friends plays a huge role in how a child adjusts into a new school.  Children entering a new school may experience anxiety or feel isolated. At SPARK, social-emotional learning plays a huge role daily, helping children to connect with one another, their teachers, and their communities.  Starting with Sparks Fly, our daily morning assembly, our scholars focus on our core values and even those new to the school quickly feel welcome.
We also focus on social-emotional learning, which helps learners to develop emotional skills, that help them to manage and understand their emotions. It also teaches them empathy, being responsible and building positive relationships.
These skills help to make it easier for scholars to make friends. While change is difficult for anyone, enrolling your child at SPARK will be the best decision for your child.
For more information read our SPARK Schools’ scholar support for mid-year enrolment article.

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