Keeping Your Children Safe

11 Feb 2019

Your child’s safety and security is SPARK Schools’ first priority! Our school operations, policies, and procedures and designed to ensure that your SPARK scholar has a safe and positive experience each day at school. From the moment your child arrives at school, we make safety our top concern.  Our arrival procedures ensure the safety of our SPARK scholars and staff while ensuring we are respectful of our neighbours and the surrounding community.  Scholars may arrive on school grounds from 6:45 am when a member of our staff will greet your car or transport vehicle, open the door, and welcome your child individually onto school grounds.  Our scholars enjoy supervised play time until Sparks Fly, our daily morning assembly begins at 7:45 am.
Throughout the school day, our gates remain locked and our entrances are monitored by security guards. Our guards sign in each individual visitor or guest onto the property.  No visitors may enter the school grounds without signing in and wearing a guest lanyard. Also, visitors may not visit any classrooms or learning spaces unaccompanied. The same applies to extracurricular providers who facilitate after school sport and cultural activities, they are vetted and monitored to ensure the safety of our scholars.
All scholars remain inside the school grounds until they are dismissed, SPARK Schools views this as our responsibility for when your child is in our care.
Finally, our dismissal procedures are designed with scholar safety at the core. At the beginning of the school year, all parents receive a placard with the name and grade of their scholar. This placard must be displayed on the vehicle dashboard upon arriving at SPARK Schools. Scholars will only be released when a placard is produced. Anyone seeking to fetch a child who does not have a placard must show their ID at reception before approval is given for the child’s dismissal. This approval includes SPARK staff phoning the scholar’s parent to verify the person requesting to fetch the scholar.

Safety and security is a team effort, and to achieve this we need your help!

Here are a few things you can do to help us keep your child safe:

  • Carefully review the Scholar Health and Safety section of our Scholar and Family Handbook to learn more about our policies on Child Protection, Attendance, and Illness and First Aid.
  • Abide by our arrival and dismissal procedures, arriving at school no earlier than 6:45 am as well as practising safe driving techniques during dismissal to allow us to efficiently and safely dismiss all scholars.
  • If you choose to make use of an independent transport supplier, please ensure that the transport supplier complies with the norms and standards of learner transport according to the National Transport Policy.  SPARK Schools does not provide, promote, or endorse any transport and should a parent or guardian choose a transport supplier, they do so at their own risk.
  • Speak to your child about “stranger danger” and encourage them not to get into an unfamiliar vehicle or to travel with an unfamiliar driver.  Ask them to alert a staff member during dismissal if they do not know the person fetching them.  Unfortunately, attempted abductions are on the rise in South Africa, and the best line of defence is to make your child aware of the danger and their own surroundings.

We are committed to partnering with you to ensure your child’s health and safety.  We ask that you assist us by upholding and supporting the school’s mission, policies, and expectations with your scholar, as well.


  • Reynard 25 Feb 2019

    I want to report that some of the taxis collecting kids outside of theSpark Cresta school, after waiting for the kids, we noticed that the drivers then speed off out of the parking area. This creates a dangerous environment for kids and parents leaving or entering the school and parking. I could not get the registration numbers of the offending taxis, but next time I will make note of it.

    • Nikki Ramphal 28 Feb 2019

      Hello Reynard, we suggest engaging directly with the school leaders so that they may investigate this.

  • Cedric 25 Feb 2019

    Thank you Sparks, for this email and insert. I think it is very proactive on your part seeing the recent spike in Incidents. I notice you have the CAP Security company next door to you which offers some relief.
    The company I work for provides many benefits for employees and their families, including emergency private ambulance and trauma counselling. I am happy to come show these to you.

  • Mpho 26 Feb 2019

    Thank you SPARK Schools. We appreciate all your efforts. Keep up the good work .

  • Chanene 26 Feb 2019

    Spark schools are the best, we appreciate all the safety that you give our children. Never been to a better school than this. My child is at her happiest when she knows she going to school. What a blessing this school has given my family. Love the procedures you have as it really works and makes traffic so much easier for us all. Thank you Spark

  • Reply

    Good day Spark
    The main reason I registered my child in Spark is because of safety, I knew I didn’t want to be at work and be worried about my child’s safety.
    But now to my worry , my daughter informed me that they wait for the transport outside the gate, not inside the yard.
    How does this happens?
    what are the PLA cards for?
    Please kindly respond to my mail
    From a Consent parent

    • Nikki Ramphal 28 Feb 2019

      Hello Noluthando we suggest engaging directly with your school leaders regarding this so that they may investigate.

  • Reply

    Thank you kindly SPARK Schools, we appreciate you putting our children as your first priority in everything. Keep it up.

  • Abe 26 Feb 2019

    My son and daughter goes to Cresta Spark. I have noted that majority of the time, the posted security guy at the gate is on his cellphone and does not take note of movements in and out especially for aftercare dismissals. Checks and validations are done during the day and the morning but my concern is that in the afternoon security seems a bit open and not strict at all.

    • Nikki Ramphal 28 Feb 2019

      Hello Abe, we suggest engaging directly with your child’s school leaders regarding this so that they may investigate.

  • julie 26 Feb 2019

    thank you Spark school we appreciate your efforts of keeping on guard.

  • Ruth 26 Feb 2019

    Thanks Spark. So far so good. Thank that you really live by your core values

  • Thando 27 Feb 2019

    Thank you Spark Schools

  • Abby 27 Feb 2019

    My child has been with Spark for 4years and to date I’m impressed with the safety checks done at the school .

  • Reply

    We are so grateful Spark for the safety of our kids, because I know that is one area we as parents are most concerned about when our kids are not in our presence, keep up the good work

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