SPARK Schools Staff

At SPARK Schools we employ individuals who display the core characteristics of Grit, Excellence, Mission & Vision and Self Reflection, our GEMS.



Grit is a strong warrior who is not afraid to do the dirty work as he fights his way through challenging situations. The shield he carries protects him from discouragement, which helps him to persevere. The torch lights his way to keep him optimistic when the journey is dark and dangerous.



Excellence is a character who sets high expectations for herself and others. Her crown represents her leadership and integrity as she strives to set an example for others, even when no one is watching. The sceptre she holds symbolises her goal orientation and unrelenting drive towards achievement.



Mission is a superhero with a clear purpose, who is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in. His booster boots steer him in the right direction and ensure that he is never blown off-course. His goggles help him see the bigger picture so that he never loses sight of his purpose.


Self-Reflection is continuously working to improve. She looks inward with her X-Ray vision glasses to determine how she could be better and seeks constructive feedback from others using her mirrored cape. Self-Reflection is calm and courageous so that she can work with discipline and self-control to become more effective each day. This hero is honest with herself and others because Self-Reflection faces all difficult situations with authenticity.

SPARK Schools


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SPARK School Careers

SPARK Schools are looking for ambitious and passionate people to join our team in the classroom, Learning Lab, and SPARK Support Team. Join us to show what’s possible in education in South Africa!

At SPARK Schools, we know that excellent education is driven by excellent individuals. We recruit the best people, provide individualised professional development, and encourage career growth.

We love exceptional graduates! If you are about to graduate or are a recent graduate and want to be part of the change then apply to join the SPARK Schools team today.

Application Tips

Your application should include information about your own educational background, as well as your career experience.

All applications are reviewed by our recruitment specialists, and candidates will progress to the telephonic interview, should their application be successful.

The second step in our recruitment process is a phone interview. This 10-15 minute call gives us an opportunity to get to know you better and consists of questions to assess your mission and vision alignment to SPARK Schools. Feedback from this phone interview is given via e-mail no later than three days after the phone interview. For successful candidates, this e-mail will include an invitation for an in-person interview.

In order to prepare for the phone interview, candidates should demonstrate that they have sufficiently researched SPARK Schools, and can explain why they are interested in joining the SPARK team.

The final step in our recruitment process is an in-person interview. It will consist of a general panel interview, a group activity with other candidates who are going through the same interview process, and a role related task. You will also have the opportunity to observe the role for which you are applying for. All information for the interview is provided in advance to ensure that there is enough time to prepare for the interview.

Our unique interview process includes interviewing a group of candidates simultaneously. All candidates rotate through a series of sessions over the course of the interview, but we ask that the presence of other candidates not allow you to become nervous! We are a rapidly expanding network, so we hire for many open positions at once.

In order to prepare for the in-person interview, candidates should think about the role they hope to play in the growing SPARK Schools network and about their strengths and areas of growth as individuals. Successful candidates will demonstrate confidence and a willingness to take feedback throughout the course of the interview day.