Innovation Summit 2018… Imagine 2019

On Friday, 16 November, 2018, we laid the foundation for South Africa to lead global education by hosting the first SPARK Schools annual Innovation Summit.
The purpose of the event was to showcase the moments of innovative genius that happen in SPARK Schools every day.
The event was the successful culmination of a year-long project.
The project rolled out with setting up Innovation Ambassadors in each school. Innovation Ambassadors then identified innovative practice and supported  Innovators to develop their practice into a focused project. Projects were submitted to the Learning Model Team and evaluated using the Idea Evaluation Screening Matrix against the following measures:
Different or better?
Solves a Problem?
Frugal Innovation?

10 finalists were invited to present their projects at the Innovation Summit event.

Projects included:

  • Project Synergy (Chelsea Maher and Khomotjo Mashele)
  • Core Value Superheroes (Lindy Du Preez)
  • FMS Upskill (Wihaan Du Plessis)
  • Gamification of Behaviour (Hendrick Nthani)
  • The Gentlemen’s Club & Unique Pressure Seedlings (Anton Otto & Kim Muller)
  • Peer Tutoring (Ntombi Gontyeleni)
  • The Triple-R Project (Jessica Kirkland)
  • Parent Education (Anthina Von Reuben)
  • Report Card Conference (Liezel Wathan)
  • Verbal Dynamics (Sama Yoyo)

Ntombi Gontyeleni’s project, PEER TUTORING, (SPARK Maboneng) was voted the winning project! Amidst cheering and dancing, Ntombi accepted her prize to attend the Global Teacher Prize Ceremony in Dubai in 2019!
Ntombi’s innovative project used a SOLE (Self Organised Learning Environment) framework to leverage scholar leadership and skills for improved ownership and academic achievement.
Imagine 2019… plans for our next Innovation Summit are already underway!

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