Tracy Naicker

13 Nov 2018

My daughter is in grade 1 at SPARK Carlswald. She joined earlier this year after hearing such great things about SPARK.  I think it was the best decision that my husband and I have made for our child’s future. It was a little worrying at first wondering how my daughter would adapt into a new environment, but her teachers and classmates made her transition into SPARK quiet easy.  She thoroughly enjoys singing the Sparks fly songs and feels proud to be apart of SPARK Schools. The core values that SPARK has instilled in my child shines through her…She is more confident now, socially and academically, and is very observant and aims to improve and better herself everyday by  utilising one of the SPARK core values. SPARK’s disciplinary /robotic colour system is superb and ensures that each of the learners is taught to be self disciplined at a very young age.

I cannot be more grateful and thankful to SPARK for the remarkable time and effort that they put into each and every scholar and for constantly improving the school system making it convenient for us parents to balance out every day lives.  My daughter feels inspired, motivated and knows at this very young age that she is going to university

SPARK’s innovative learning model, including the learning lab is an excellent learning concept which really raises the platform for the next level of online learning that this young generation is heading towards.

Last, but least…the school fees is affordable, and I know that I am getting the best quality education for my child.

My son will be joining in 2020 and will be in Grade 0. 

Thank you SPARK Schools for doing such an incredible  and fantastic job. I salute you and all the teachers for keeping our precious children under your guidance and care.