Rotanda Liyema Swartbooi

30 Jul 2018

My child is a SPARK scholar, and he is sure getting a world class education. Whilst others are dropping Maths standards SPARK are raising them. In Grade 6 they are doing the equivalent of Grade 8 and 9 Maths done at mainstream schools. It’s the best decision I made for my child’s future. Children are encouraged to do independent learning, and a university style of teaching is already introduced at a young age. I am doing my Masters Degree at University and I feel like my son is doing his 1st year too. Thank you SPARK Schools for the visionary leadership for our children. I could write until tomorrow about this school. We are at SPARK Lynedoch (Stellenbosch), and my daughter is joining next year as a Grade R scholar…I just can’t wait. Thank you!