How we help Grade R learners transition from pre-school to primary school

Transitioning from preschool to primary school is a significant milestone for children and parents. However, adapting to the new school environment can take some time. This transition is even harder for Grade-R learners. One of the reasons that make adjusting to primary school a challenge is a change in routine. 

In preschool, learners are allowed to take a nap, and the learning schedule is flexible. However, this changes when learners move to primary school. This change in routine can sometimes make the transition for learners a bit difficult.

We chatted with SPARK Bramley’s principal, Preshanti Pillay, about how SPARK Schools helps Grade-R learners adjust to the new school environment. 

Make learners feel safe and comfortable O

Pillay says the first week of school is challenging for some learners. To make them feel welcomed and safe, the educators and school staff use the first week to focus on the school culture. 

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From the moment our scholars arrive on their first day of school,  they are greeted and welcomed by one of our school staff members. The school’s team ensures that the scholar feels safe and goes to the correct classroom.

This ensures that our scholars don’t get confused, lost or mixed with older scholars,” Pillay says. 

Create a fun and engaging learning environment 

Additionally, Pillay says to make the transition easier,  they create a fun and engaging classroom environment for learners. 

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We incorporate different centres. The centres rotate and involve activities such as fantasy play,” she says. “Learning is also delivered in a fun way, and learners are also involved in how they want their classroom to be.”

Set routines to help learners thrive in primary school 

SPARK Scholars thrive with routines, and therefore setting routines for them ensures they are successful. In a previous article, SPARK Rosslyn Hub Literacy teacher Siphesihle Sithole said creating routines for Grade R learners helps them understand that there is a set time for everything. Having a routine also helps learners know that they have to work towards a specific goal at a particular time. 


At SPARK Schools, our Grade R scholars must have a seamless transition into the schooling system.

If you’d like to know more about SPARK Schools and enrol your child for Grade R, you can apply here.

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