How to raise your child to be resilient

Throughout our lives, we will face many challenges. Sadly, even children are not spared from going through tough times. However, if a child is resilient, they can overcome these obstacles. 

What is resilience

Resilience is being able to deal with challenges in a positive way. 

Minor Impact, Family mediator and life coach Rushka Lee Pedro, says in the parent/teacher workshops that she conducts, resilience is one of the things she teaches. 

“Resilience is a skill that children must learn from a young age. It helps children improve self-worth and self-acceptance as well as give them life skills on how to bounce back from adversity,” she says. 

Why is resilience important 

Life is challenging, and even children face obstacles. Resilience is not just a skill that is worth having, but it is necessary to become successful. 

Lee Pedro explains that having a substantial amount of resilience is critical for children to recover from all of life’s ups and downs. 

This includes adjusting to change, dealing with loss and building relationships, to name a few.

 “For us to teach our children how to be resilient, we need to exhibit these traits as well,” says Lee Pedro. 

Display resilience within the home 

Children learn by seeing and not by being told what to do. Therefore, by displaying how resilient you are as a parent, you are already teaching your children to become resilient. 

However, being resilient doesn’t mean you hide your emotions when you feel sad or have had a bad day. You must show your kids that you also go through tough times, but you can get through the difficult moments. 


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