How to raise mentally strong kids

14 May 2020

There are many challenges that your child will face in their journey to success. This is why it is important to help your child to develop the skills that will help them to overcome and navigate life’s challenges.

Children who are mentally strong, grow up to be successful adults, who are emotionally equipped to deal with challenges.


These are some of the things you can do to help your child to be mentally strong. 


Validate them 

We all want to seen and heard, especially by our parents. It is important that your child knows that they matter and are valued. Saying I love you is not enough to show your child that they are valued. Show them by really caring about who they are, what they like and what they care about. By caring about what really matters to your child, shows them that they matter.


Show them you care about how they feel

In a previous article clinical psychologist, Dr Ian Opperman said as a parent it’s important to provide a safe environment where your child can feel safe to express themselves and will be understood and accepted. This means allowing your child to express themselves without any judgement. Pay attention and let them know that their views are important. 


Teach them to take responsibility 

It’s important to instil a sense of responsibility for your child from an early age. Doing chores at home are just some of the things that can teach your child responsibility. 


They should not be afraid to fail 

Your child should know that failing is part of life and making mistakes is part of growing. 

 If you instil a fear of failure on your child, they will be scared to try and explore. When your child fails in something, do not focus on their failure, rather focus on the lessons they can take from the failure.    

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