How to promote a positive school environment

A positive school environment can have a tremendous impact on students. Building a positive school environment is key to running a successful school. Several things make a positive school environment. These include teacher-student relationships, parent engagement and school culture. 

Research shows that a positive school environment influences academic performance. Therefore, schools that have a good school environment have better academic results than those that don’t. 

To have a good school climate, everyone in the school community should rally together to create a positive environment, so students love going to school.

School values and culture 

School values and school culture can help promote a positive school environment. The values a school teaches its students can help create a sense of community and belonging. 

As human beings, we want to belong, and this sense of belonging can help us connect with others. It also makes us feel seen and valued. When a school has a positive culture, students feel seen; they feel free to share their opinions and contribute to a better school environment. 

“Values, in general, contribute to who we are, how we conduct ourselves and interact with other individuals,” explains SPARK Schools Head of School Achievement, Nkazimulo Zitha. 

Create an inclusive school environment 

An inclusive school environment is one where every child feels included. That means that educators support the needs of all children and validate them. According to an article on, one of the ways schools can create an inclusive environment is by promoting diversity, respect and fairness. 

Promoting diversity at schools is key to creating a positive school culture, as children learn from each other, and share their differences while still finding common ground. 

Get the parents involved

Parent involvement has a positive impact on the school culture. Schools must involve parents in creating a school environment that can positively impact students. Sometimes parents don’t participate in school activities as they do not know how to get involved and what role they can play in creating a good school culture. Schools should create a school community where parents are part of some decision-making process regarding school culture. 

A good school environment doesn’t only play an essential role in academic success, but it creates a positive experience for students and makes them love their school. 

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