How to make weekend learning effective

Many children across the country are preparing for their final exams. This means that there will be a lot of studying required. The weekends can be an excellent way for your child to recap the content they’ve learned during the week. 

The idea of learning during the weekend might not be one that your children will welcome with open arms; however, since its exam time, your kids will have to sacrifice some part of their weekend. 

We share tips on how to make weekend learning practical and fun for your kids.

Keep it fun 

The importance of learning through play can’t be overstated, especially when your kids are still young. Give them an outlet to practice their work in a way that doesn’t feel like work. 

You can do this by turning subjects like  Literacy, Maths & Science into scavenger hunts, board games, songs and role-play scenarios. This will help to engage their creative thinking and give them a break from serious work. 

Take Saturday off 

Suppose you’re going to learn over the weekend. In that case, there’s Friday evening and Sunday all-day, just give them Saturday to relax, to decompress and replenish their energy. It’s not just a break for them but also an opportunity for you to do the same.

Recap what they’ve learnt during the week 

Go back over what they’ve learnt over the week, getting them to put it into their own words. This can help to reinforce what they’ve already learnt. You can also assess where they are having challenges and still require assistance.  

Take it outside 

Make learning enjoyable by taking your kids outside for a change of scenery. By changing the scenery, it allows them to explore concepts outside their home environment. 

Being outside allows for exploration and interaction, sensory and cognitive development alongside traditional learning. This will also allow your child to take real-world experiences and apply them to their work. 

How Twinkl can help with this

If you’re looking to take some weekend teaching to the next level, Twinkl is here to help. An educational resources site with over 675,000 of them at its disposal and more getting added every day; the chances are that whatever subject, theme or idea you are looking to explore, they have something that could help. They think a great place to start is their free taster pack that’s available after you signup for a free account. Full of great activities for making the most of the weekend.


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