How to make homeschooling work during the lockdown

The National Lockdown and the closure of schools have meant that parents and guardians have to play the role of being a teacher at home.

Thanks to a number of online learning resources such as the SPARK Schools home learning portal, students can continue learning from home. This shift has not been easy, as some parents are also working from home however they are taking it within their stride and doing the best that they can.

SPARK Soweto Principal Gundo Mmbi shares strategies on how to make home learning work for you and your child. 

“Trying to teach scholars from home is stressful, however, research shows that there is great success when you implement routine. Establish a tight aired routine which will allow your scholars to self-sustain,” Mmbi says. 

 Here are tips to help you establish a routine:

1. Make sure you have your children’s buy-in. – They will be the ones following it, so it’s important that the initial step is to discuss it with them.

2.  Be realistic – Accommodate favourite TV series time  ( They won’t work when their favourite show is playing )

3. Target Driven – Set deadlines for them to finish the book that they are reading and follow up on the deadline.

4. Timestamp – Make sure that each routine has time and follow the time given to each task 

5. Utilise the school’s academic schedule 

6. Create your own schedule around your children’s schedule so that they know what times you are available and what times you are not. 

7. Put the family’s schedules in a common area so that you can hold each other accountable. 

8. Reward / Positive Reinforcement can go a long way. 

Rewarding your children is a great way to keep them motivated and gives them something to look forward to after the lockdown. Principal Mmbi says parents should be innovative and come up with different reward options. For example, for every task your children finish, they could collect points and these points could be converted to an activity they can do after the lockdown, such as going to the Zoo. 

“Let them choose what would be fun to do – Remember to provide choices that you can financially afford ) after the Lockdown,” says Mmbi.  

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