How to keep the flu virus at bay this winter

With most children either back at school full time or still attending cohorts, the winter season can be challenging for many parents. With the world still going through a pandemic, the flu season can create anxiety and worry for many parents.

Boosting your child’s immune system can help minimise sicknesses. While getting the flu might not be avoidable, boosting your family’s immune system might help with fewer people in your family getting sick. Building a healthy immune starts with having healthy habits, such as eating healthy meals.

“Supplements should be just that – a supplement added to your diet if you are unable to reach your required intake through food (usually if you have increased requirements or a known deficiency),” says Jessica Kidgell, a registered dietitian at Lizandri Swanich dietitians. 

How a healthy diet can boost your immune system

To boost your child’s immune system, you have to ensure that their diet is packed with nutrients. 

“Aim for at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day, and ensure that you are eating a “rainbow” of colours. Many fruit and vegetables that contain the “flu-fighting” nutrients are in fact in season over the winter months. Include lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans or legumes daily, “says Kidgell.

Additionally, you have to incorporate whole grains, milk, yoghurt, maas, nuts and seeds into your child’s daily diet. 

Ensure they get enough sleep 

According to Healthline, researchers from the University of Tübingen found that sleep has excellent benefits, including developing T cells that boost the immune system. These cells can help fight the flu and other viruses. 

Get your immune system strong through exercising

We all know that exercising has many health benefits. Kidgell advises parents to find ways to keep fit during the winter months, even if it means indoor exercises. 


As we are all aware, a good hygiene routine can help fight germs and viruses. Ensure that your child washes their hands consistently with soap or hand wash. If they are sick, keep them at home to avoid making other children sick. 

While getting sick for kids is inevitable, these tips can minimise the risk of your child getting sick this winter. If you’d like to know more about keeping our scholars safe at SPARK Schools, please click here.  

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