How to get involved in your child’s learning

When parents are involved in their child’s learning, their children do better at school. While we understand that most parents lead busy lives, participating in your child’s learning will greatly benefit them.

Engage with your child’s teacher 

One of the ways you can get involved in your child’s learning is by first building a relationship with your child’s teacher. You can do this by getting to know your child’s teacher and letting them know that you are willing to work with them to ensure your child’s success.

Take part in school activities 

Participating in school activities is a great way to engage with your child’s teacher and school leadership. This is also an opportunity to learn about the school culture and school procedures. 

ASK Questions 

Ask your child questions. This is to help you know about their experience at school. These are some of the questions you can ask your child. What was your favourite part of the day?

What did you learn at school? What was the most challenging thing about your day? Who did you play with? 

Praise your child for all their efforts at school

Celebrate the small wins. Praising your child for their small victories encourages them to want to do better in all that they do. Even when they don’t do that well on something, praise them for completing the task. 



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