How to choose a high school

30 Jun 2020

Is your child going to high school? Have you started your search for the high school you would like them to attend? 

We’ve come up with a list of the things you should consider when looking for a high school. 

Involve your child 

Your child should be involved in the process of choosing the high school they want to attend. Remember, the school you choose should also be the right fit for them. You have to consider their interests and what kind of school would work out best for them. For instance, a private school might work better for your child than a public school or vice versa. 


Once you have an idea of the kind of high school, you want, you then need to look at your financial obligations. You have to look at the fees holistically. Consider all the other additional costs you might be required to pay. Things such as school trips, sporting equipment, school events are not added to the annual school fees. 


It is essential to look at the school’s curriculum. Does it offer a wide range of subjects for your child to choose from? Is it blended learning, which combines traditional and technology-based learning? Will the curriculum help prepare your child for university?

Reach out to the school and ask them about their curriculum. The high school, your child attends, prepares them for the future. 

Reach out to other parents 

Reach out to other parents. Ask them questions about the school and their experience. Asking other parents is a great way to get real and honest feedback. 

Social-Emotional learning 

High school is not easy. Your child will be learning so much about themselves that they will require a lot of emotional support and assistance. Some schools such as SPARK Randburg High offer social-emotional learning which helps students manage their emotions and take accountability for their actions. 

Looking for your child’s high school should be exciting and fun. If you are looking for high school in the Randburg area, please check out SPARK Randburg high school. 
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