How SPARK Schools is making a difference

30 Sep 2020

Over the past months, we’ve seen South Africans and organisations coming together to make things better for individuals who have been affected by COVID-19. Like many other organisations, SPARK Schools is also playing its part. 


COVID-19 continues to affect the South African economy, which, in turn, has affected our parents.


A few months ago, SPARK established several initiatives that can help lessen the burden on our parents. 


COVID-19 Relief Project 

One of these initiatives is the Ignite Relief Fund Project, which was launched in April. 


This project is aimed at raising funds for our existing SPARK Schools families who have lost their jobs and income from their businesses due to COVID-19. So far, the fund has awarded financial assistance to seven scholars. The funds will be used to pay fees for the rest of the year. 


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SPARK Schools CEO Stacey Brewer says SPARK is doing everything it can to assist families who have lost income because of COVID-19.


“Without support, families affected by the lockdown will be left with no alternative but to default on school fees because they have no financial safety net. This will lead to interruptions in learning for their children, creating gaps in their education that would be hard to fill in the future,” says Brewer. 


No fees increase 

Understanding the strain that COVID-19 will continue to have on parents, SPARK Schools will also not be increasing school fees next year. This means that existing and new parents who would like to join SPARK Schools will pay 2020’s fees in 2021.


To make things easier, the organisation is also allowing parents to pay fees over 12 months instead of 10 months. This will significantly reduce the monthly payment for parents. 


Remote learning 

Many of our SPARK scholars’ parents and guardians have chosen to keep their children at home, so we have provided access to our remote learning offerings throughout the national lockdown. These remote learning offerings are available online, through live video lessons and assignments, and also in a low-tech format through paper-based home learning packs. Our live lessons are also recorded so that scholars who can not attend synchronously can watch the recordings at a convenient time.


SPARK Schools understand and respect the preferences of SPARK families and are committed to continuing to run remote learning offerings in parallel with in-person learning on all school sites.