How school houses help build culture and encourage positive behaviour
High school houses help scholars find a sense of belonging.

Most teenagers struggle to find their identity and constantly struggle to fit in when they begin high school—school houses allow scholars to find a common goal and a sense of belonging. Sometimes, not understanding who they are and where they fit into the world or their high school life can lead to behaviour issues for some. 

Because of this, high schools have a more significant impact on how students see themselves and how they can relate to others. In 2019 SPARK Randburg High School launched its first-ever school houses to build a strong culture and encourage positive student behaviour. 

“The SPARK high school houses were created to foster a sense of community and belonging amongst all our scholars, new and old. Each house was carefully named after different African Philosophies from different African cultures,” explains SPARK High School Product Lead Chelsea Maher. 

Ubuntu (IsiZulu)- I am because we are

Uhuru- (Swahili)– Freedom

Kuumba (Kwanzaa)– To always do as much as we can to leave our community more beautiful and beneficial than we inherited it.

Kubvuma (Shona)– Acceptance

Our high school students chose the house names to celebrate the African culture. The school’s team drives the SPARK High School culture, and scholars play an important role in shaping their school culture. Houses play an integral role in managing scholarly behaviour during the school day. 

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“During the day-to-day running of the schools, scholars and staff not only portray our SPARK core values but are expected to live out what their house represents,” Maher says. 

When scholars fail to display behaviour which aligns with the school values and what their houses represent — they get points deducted from their houses. 

When losing house points, scholars are more likely to behave positively as this doesn’t only reflect negatively on them but also on their peers who are in the same house. Knowing that their behaviour affects a collective helps to improve the behaviour of scholars and encourages them to help others to behave positively. 

School culture plays a vital role in helping scholars find a common purpose and develop values that help them develop and grow at school. 

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