Four Ways to encourage kids to Love and enjoy reading 

Are you struggling to get your kids to read? We know that getting kids to read can be a lot of effort, especially for those who struggle with reading.

A recent study by the Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) revealed that 8 out of 10 children in South Africa have difficulties reading by age 10, BBC reports. 

The report further showed that illiteracy among children in South Africa has become worse, as it has increased from 78% in 2016 to 81%. 

While the study paints a bleak picture of literacy standards in South Africa, there are several things that parents can do to help their children become better readers. 

Make reading a family affair

Turn reading into a family tradition. Dedicate at least one hour in the evening to sit together as a family and read. When reading becomes a shared experience, chances are that your child will most likely enjoy reading and have fun. 

Let them read the books they are interested in

Reading must never feel like a chore; it should be fun and exciting. When you pick books for your children, chances are they will only read them if they are interested in the subject matter. Take them book shopping and ask them to choose the books they want to read. Once they begin making reading a habit, you can slowly introduce them to new readers.

Get them library cards and take a visit to the library 

The library is a fantastic place for kids to visit if they want to grow as readers. Take them to a library at least once a month to get new books. Borrowing books from the library will encourage them to read as they must return them to the library within a set time. 

Ensure that your children always have books around 

Surround your children with books by ensuring they always have access to them at home. When books are readily available, children are more likely to pick them up and start reading. To make it even more enjoyable, design a cosy reading space in their rooms or dedicate a specific area in your home solely for reading. By making the reading environment child-friendly, you can enhance their reading experience and foster a love for books.

If your child struggles with reading, don’t be discouraged; start with tiny steps and keep encouraging them to do it repeatedly. 

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