Four tips to help your child succeed at the end of the school year

3 Sep 2021

With the school year almost over, many parents are worried about their child succeeding at the end of the school year.

According to the  Department of Basic Education, between 50% and 75% of learning was lost in  2020. These learning losses have had a severe impact on learners, especially those who already had learning difficulties.

While every parent wants their child to succeed at the end of the school year, they should consider the impact of the learning losses caused by COVID-19. 

Instead of adding to the stress on learners, parents should find ways to ease their anxiety to help them succeed at the end of the school year. 

We’ve come up with four tips to help your child succeed at the of the school year.

Have a meaningful conversation with your child 

One of the ways parents can do this is by having a meaningful conversation with their children about what they want to achieve at the end school year. 

Having a meaningful conversation with your child will help you understand your child’s plan and how you can help them execute the plan. 

In a previous interview, SPARK Schools Regional Manager Nkazimulo Zitha says the pandemic has provided an opportunity for parents to gain a deeper understanding of how their children prefer to work. 

Write up the success plan. 

Having a plan is crucial as it will help your child with decision making. Writing a plan will help your child also to visualise their success plan. 

Creating a plan will help your child focus their attention on what they want to improve on. 

Be positive 

Being anxious and worried about your child’s success is understandable, but you must constantly be encouraging and positive. Your child is already anxious and stressed enough about doing well in school; adding unnecessary stress exacerbates their anxiety. Focus on what your child is doing well and not on what they are doing wrong.

If you see them struggling, reassure them that they are still doing an excellent job by making an effort towards their goal. 

Validation from a parent goes a long way for a child as it makes them know that you are not only focused on results but also the amount of effort it takes to get those results irrespective of how well they are. 

Work with your child’s teacher? 

Speak to your child’s teacher about how you can help see your child succeed at the end of the school year. Your child’s teacher has all the data on your child’s academic progress. 

They should assist you with the strategies to help your child succeed, as they know where the gaps are and what your child should be focusing their attention on. 


While your child needs to succeed at the end of the year, how you show up for them is more essential than anything else. Having your support will keep your child motivated and help them with their effort to succeed.