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Enrol your child and join the SPARK family today! Our simple application process makes it easy to secure an excellent education for your child. Choose the SPARK school closest to your home or work, and your child will benefit from the SPARK model wherever they attend.

Our Enrolment

Click “Apply Now”

Begin your enrolment application by clicking APPLY NOW and completing the form. After that please check your emails for further instructions.

Create a Parent/Guardian Account

You will be registered as a user on the SPARK Schools portal. Please follow the instructions in your email to complete your enrolment.

Complete application form

Once logged into the portal, you will complete an affordability check, provide us with your child’s details, upload the required documentation and pay the application fee and first months tuition.

Join the SPARK family

You will receive an email to confirm your future SPARK Scholar’s enrolment


Proof of Residence

Proof of residence for the primary caregiver.

Immunization Certificate

For the future SPARK scholar (Name of child must be clearly visible on the copy that you send to us).

Current Report Card

For the future SPARK scholar. Transfer card needs to be submitted when your child starts at SPARK Schools.

Proof of Income

Either the account payer’s most recent payslip OR 3 month’s bank statements.

Unabridged Birth Certificate

This can be applied for from the Department of Home Affairs, which is open on Saturday mornings, for the future SPARK scholar (OR Abridged birth certificate as well as a copy of the receipt for your unabridged birth certificate can be sent if you are still waiting for one).

Identity Document

A certified copy of the primary caregiver’s identity document.

Parent Contract

A signed copy of the parent enrolment contract including primary caregiver’s initials on every page of the contract as well as student, parent and payee details.


Non-citizens will be admitted to the school provided that parents are in the possession of a temporary or permanent residence permit and the scholar must have a study permit.  A certified copy of the original permit must be submitted with the application.