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    In 2023, SPARK Schools serves over 15,000 scholars at 20 primary schools and 4 high school across Gauteng and The Western Cape.

    SPARK Schools is the first blended learning school on the African continent.

    SPARK Schools opens new schools each year throughout South Africa.



    The fact that my three children know how to work independently at their age. I don’t remind them when to do their homework, I don’t remind them when to do their school work. They just know what to do. They only come to us as parents to ask for what they need for their projects.

    - Lihle Shezi -

    My child is a SPARK scholar, and he is sure getting a world class education. Whilst others are dropping Maths standards SPARK are raising them. In Grade 6 they are doing the equivalent of Grade 8 and 9 Maths done at mainstream schools. It’s the best decision I made for my child’s future. Children are encouraged to do independent learning, and a university style of teaching is already introduced at a young age. I am doing my Masters Degree at University and I feel like my son is doing his 1st year too. Thank you SPARK Schools for the visionary leadership for our children. I could write until tomorrow about this school. We are at SPARK Lynedoch (Stellenbosch), and my daughter is joining next year as a Grade R scholar…I just can’t wait. Thank you!

    - Rotanda Liyema Swartbooi -

    SPARK Lynedoch Parent

    My daughter joined SPARK Schools in Grade R in 2017. I absolutely adore the team at SPARK Randpark Ridge. They are compassionate, dedicated and as difficult as it is to believe, they know every scholar by name at the school. For the amount of money we pay for Private Education, we really are blessed with Teachers who are young, energetic and genuinely love their work. They have allowed my daughter to be great as she continues achieving outstanding results in her school work. I would recommend SPARK schools to anyone and everyone with my eyes closed!

    - Palesa Mafate -

    SPARK Randpark Ridge Parent

    Our experience at SPARK has been really impressive, this includes: Drop off and collection procedure Aftercare facility Homework outline Quality of teachers For the level of service and education the fees are extremely impressive. My son has excelled and I am happy to know he is grouped with kids at the same teaching level opposed to being grouped with all the other children. I would highly recommend SPARK Schools for parents who are looking for a great quality of education and great school to send their children.

    - Kami Moodley -

    SPARK Kempton Park Parent

    We started at SPARK Schools when my babies were 5 years old and it has been a great experience so far. The quality of education is really good and the teachers are knowledgeable and work with the parents for the development of our kids. In grade one they could read and write very eloquently. The school values help to shape the kids academically and in a holistic sense where they learn how to deal with soft skills. The availability of coaches during playtime is also creates a safer environment that kids get to enjoy playtime in a safe environment. I constantly recommend SPARK schools to friends and family because it is great value for money and no child is left behind.

    - Lindelwa Dlomo -

    SPARK Ferndale Parent

    When my daughter first started at SPARK Schools in the beginning of this year I was very skeptical. This was mainly due to their ways of teaching. The fact that I attended mainstream schools meant that this was all I was used to. Needles to say, my skepticism was banished when I saw how my daughter flourished in this environment. The quality of the education exceeds my expectations by miles and the bonus is that it is so affordable.

    - Nerichia Pietersen -

    SPARK Lynedoch Parent