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SPARK Schools is a network of private schools offering affordable, globally competitive education.


Concerned by the state of South African education and committed to finding a solution, Stacey Brewer and Ryan Harrison co-founded SPARK Schools in 2012. They believed that an innovative approach could disrupt the crisis in South African education and dedicated themselves to creating a new model that would provide access to high-quality education for all.

Why the Name



SPARK is an acronym of our 5 core values. Service, Persistence, Achievement, Responsibility and Kindness.



SPARK Schools offers a uniquely personalized learning path for students to master goals and social-emotional skills.


We believe that high quality, affordable education has the potential to change our nation for the better! At SPARK Schools, we are committed to nurturing scholars who are responsible, persistent, and kind and who positively contribute to South Africa’s future.



The fact that my three children know how to work independently at their age. I don’t remind them when to do their homework, I don’t remind them when to do their school work. They just know what to do. They only come to us as parents to ask for what they need for their projects.

- Lihle Shezi -

My child is a SPARK scholar, and he is sure getting a world class education. Whilst others are dropping Maths standards SPARK are raising them. In Grade 6 they are doing the equivalent of Grade 8 and 9 Maths done at mainstream schools. It’s the best decision I made for my child’s future. Children are encouraged to do independent learning, and a university style of teaching is already introduced at a young age. I am doing my Masters Degree at University and I feel like my son is doing his 1st year too. Thank you SPARK Schools for the visionary leadership for our children. I could write until tomorrow about this school. We are at SPARK Lynedoch (Stellenbosch), and my daughter is joining next year as a Grade R scholar…I just can’t wait. Thank you!

- Rotanda Liyema Swartbooi -

SPARK Lynedoch Parent

My daughter joined SPARK Schools in Grade R in 2017. I absolutely adore the team at SPARK Randpark Ridge. They are compassionate, dedicated and as difficult as it is to believe, they know every scholar by name at the school. For the amount of money we pay for Private Education, we really are blessed with Teachers who are young, energetic and genuinely love their work. They have allowed my daughter to be great as she continues achieving outstanding results in her school work. I would recommend SPARK schools to anyone and everyone with my eyes closed!

- Palesa Mafate -

SPARK Randpark Ridge Parent

Our experience at SPARK has been really impressive, this includes: Drop off and collection procedure Aftercare facility Homework outline Quality of teachers For the level of service and education the fees are extremely impressive. My son has excelled and I am happy to know he is grouped with kids at the same teaching level opposed to being grouped with all the other children. I would highly recommend SPARK Schools for parents who are looking for a great quality of education and great school to send their children.

- Kami Moodley -

SPARK Kempton Park Parent

We started at SPARK Schools when my babies were 5 years old and it has been a great experience so far. The quality of education is really good and the teachers are knowledgeable and work with the parents for the development of our kids. In grade one they could read and write very eloquently. The school values help to shape the kids academically and in a holistic sense where they learn how to deal with soft skills. The availability of coaches during playtime is also creates a safer environment that kids get to enjoy playtime in a safe environment. I constantly recommend SPARK schools to friends and family because it is great value for money and no child is left behind.

- Lindelwa Dlomo -

SPARK Ferndale Parent

When my daughter first started at SPARK Schools in the beginning of this year I was very skeptical. This was mainly due to their ways of teaching. The fact that I attended mainstream schools meant that this was all I was used to. Needles to say, my skepticism was banished when I saw how my daughter flourished in this environment. The quality of the education exceeds my expectations by miles and the bonus is that it is so affordable.

- Nerichia Pietersen -

SPARK Lynedoch Parent

My daughter started at SPARK close to the end of 2016. At the time she was a very emotional and insecure child and had a very difficult time coming from a private schooling environment, to public and then to SPARK. We had to look at our daughter’s happiness and wellbeing. In the two years that my daughter has been at SPARK, she is happy and most of all her schooling has improved majorly. The decision to send her brother to SPARK came naturally when he started Grade 1. He absolutely loves school, especially the learning lab. He enjoys learning, but soccer is his first love. They are both thriving in their individual grades in all aspects. We appreciate the commitment and dedication of our teachers and staff and we are thankful for everything they put in on a daily basis. They set a true example of the SPARK core values, that is not only instilled at school, but our kids can exercise it in all areas of their live and in the process also get mommy and daddy involved. Thank you for taking such good care of our children.

- Meagan Von Willingh -

SPARK Lynedoch Parent

My child is in the grade 1 owls class. We have been with SPARK since January 2018 and we’re very happy with everything , the fees are quite affordable, service is tops, the staff are very friendly and relatable. My son has improved a lot with his schoolwork and he’s gaining confidence and I relate well with his teachers. So taking my son to SPARK Schools was the best decision for him. Thank you and keep up the good work.

- Alexis Mkandla -

SPARK Turffontein Parent

I enrolled my daughter in 2018 for her first year of school, she is in grade 1. My experience for the first 6 months have exceeded my expectations, although I had no doubt that my daughter will be joining Spark School since  her creche days, besides the fact the tuition is affordable for the value of education received, theory is being thought in conjunction with behavior, the core values of the scholar has really made parenting easier as I refer to these core values, I appreciate the young  dedicated educators who shows comment and the eagerness to teach and learn, the class headcount of scholars is manageable. My daughter has developed in her maturity and responsibility, she has learned to sound words and read a word to make a sentence, she improves week on week in both literacy and math and her eagerness to learn makes my a proud parent. Thank you Spark Schools!!! The best that you can do for a child is to give them an OPPORTUNITY this different style of education does exactly that.

- Hechter Jones -

SPARK Turffontein Parent

I first heard about SPARK Schools from a friend in 2014, her little girl was so bright and could read and had great vocabulary skills even though she was in Grade R at the time. I was very impressed by the way she would ask questions and her reasoning skills where far beyond Grade R level. I started to read about the school and vowed to take my kids there when they were of school going age. When SPARK Rynfield opened in Benoni, we even moved so we could be closer to school. I saw a great deal of confidence in her in a couple of months, she blossomed into a whole new being, she could read (Sight words) and her writing improved. The school is very supporting to parents and they have an open door policy, I also wanted to be involved and try to attend all meetings and have a vested interest in my daughter’s school career.  I love the way they receive kids in the morning and the young people in the aftercare are superb.

- Lungile Mzolo -

SPARK Rynfield Parent

I am a parent at SPARK Turffontein. My daughters is doing grade R in the Squirrels. We joined the SPARK family in January 2018. Spark Turffontein is Awesome, the teachers are doing a great job with my daughter she is very happy doesn’t want to miss a day of school. Everyone from the principal Mrs Gasper to guys that welcome us at the gate  is very friendly and treats us parents with respect. My daughter has improved a lot since the beginning of the year. She has gained confidence and her literacy and maths skills are great. We are very impressed and happy as her parents and look forward to our seconds daughter joining.

- Andiswa Mpofu -

SPARK Turffontein Parent

My daughter is in grade 1 at SPARK Carlswald. She joined earlier this year after hearing such great things about SPARK.  I think it was the best decision that my husband and I have made for our child’s future. It was a little worrying at first wondering how my daughter would adapt into a new environment, but her teachers and classmates made her transition into SPARK quiet easy.  She thoroughly enjoys singing the Sparks fly songs and feels proud to be apart of SPARK Schools. The core values that SPARK has instilled in my child shines through her…She is more confident now, socially and academically, and is very observant and aims to improve and better herself everyday by  utilising one of the SPARK core values. SPARK’s disciplinary /robotic colour system is superb and ensures that each of the learners is taught to be self disciplined at a very young age.

- Tracy Naicker -

SPARK Carlswald Parent

“The Systems Team, and SPARK as a whole, live up to the SPARK core values everyday. Every employee that I interacted with had further proven to me that creating, nurturing and maintaining a culture of SPARK’s caliber is not a dream anymore, but a reality. This enables employees to adopt many responsibilities to rapidly adjust to change and learn continually throughout their journey. I always wanted to work for a company with the culture of a start-up and the security of a corporate, and now I have’’. 

- Murray ( Intern Developer) -

SPARK Support Office

“As a developer, when looking for a position, you tend to search for something that suits your language-specific strengths. A school may seem the least appropriate place to find this and it is. However, working at SPARK Schools exposed me to a completely different environment that I had not yet encountered as a developer. It was a learning experience that I did not expect, but I’m glad that I took the opportunity. The learning curve allowed me to balance my strengths in understanding coding with the opportunity to learn new skills along the way that were required for day-to-day, ‘business as usual’ tasks.  The SPARK environment is like none other; although they are no longer a startup, their culture still remains as such. The Systems team, especially, were a vital support structure for my duration at SPARK

- Naledi (Intern Developer) -

SPARK Support Office

“When I started at SPARK Schools I could have never anticipated I would have grown to become the person I am today. SPARK Schools was my first transition into the professional space and it moulded me and shaped me fresh out of varsity. I gradually grew from being a tutor to a principal in my short tenure at SPARK and in every role I felt supported and valued to grow and become better at every moment. Since joining the company in 2014, the three things I’ve learned are, the importance of professionalism, the value of allowing growth and change to drive you, and the impact of self-reflection on one’s personal journey and growth.”

- Tsholofelo (Principal) -

SPARK Maboneng

‘’Working at SPARK Schools has been an exciting journey  with lots of growth and learning experiences. The support I have received during my time at SPARK has pushed and inspired my to do more. The culture of collaboration encourages one to build positive relationships in the company, where feedback is valued and  encouraged. The core values resonated with me before I started working at SPARK and now it is inspiring to see SPARK staff live by them everyday”.

- Jacques (Training and Professional Development Manager) -

SPARK Support Office

10 months vs 5 years!! ‘’I was with SPARK schools for 10 great months after 5 years of service at a public school. SPARK molded me into a new educator, increased my skill level, guided and supported me towards attaining its high standards, for both me and the scholars. I will be forever grateful for the lessons I learned over the past 10 months I spent at SPARK”. 

- Lindelo (Maths Teacher) -


The highlight for my two scholars at SPARK is the curriculum. They use a different type of model, compared to public schools.  To parents support your children, because parent involvement is the key to success for the development of your child.

- Natasha Kyster -